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Examples of West German Bundeswehr Headwear

There are different types of headwear each type varying with the branch of service as well as the type of uniform worn. Early uniforms were worn mostly with visor caps and as the years progressed many of these were replaced with berets of varying color with different insignia to differentiate the class of soldier. On visor caps, the piping of the cap and the color of the cap usually designated the soldier. 

The maroon beret is worn by specialized units of the German Army particularly Fallschirmjäger (Airborne) units, Heeresflieger (Army Aviation), Fernspähtruppen (Pathfinder) and Kommando Spezialkräfte or KSK (Special Operations Troops). This example is of a maroon beret worn by the Fallschirmjägertruppen (Paratroopers).

The insignia of the German Army Fallschirmjägertruppen (Paratroopers) with national flag insignia.

This example would have been worn by enlisted personnel noted by the metal insignia worn on the face of the beret.

The Red Beret is worn by support units, including Artillerietruppen (Artillery Troops), Pioneretruppen (Engineers), Truppen für Operative Information (Intelligence/Psychological Warfare Troops), Heeresflugabwehrtruppen (Anti-Aircraft Troops), Nachschubtruppen (Supply Troops), Abwehrtruppen (NBC Protection Troops), Nachrichtentruppen (Signal Troops), Fernmeldetruppen (Electronic Warfare), Transporttruppen (Transportation Troops), Topographietruppen (Topography Troops), and Feldjägertruppen (Military Police Troops), Instandssetzungstruppen (Vehicle Maintenance Troops). This Red beret has the insignia of the Pioneretruppen (Engineer Troops)

The insignia of the Pioneretruppen (Engineer Troops).

This example bears the embroidered insignia of the Engineers. The embroidered bullion insignia is significant as it is usually worn by officers.

A red beret as worn by the Fernmeldetruppen (Communications/Electronic Warfare Troops)

The beret insignia of the Fernmeldetruppen.

A red beret as worn by members of the Nachschubtruppen (Supply Troops) 

Beret insignia of the Nachschubtruppen

A red beret as worn by soldiers of the Abwehrtruppen (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Defense Troops)

Insignia of the ABC Abwehrtruppen 

In the Army, blue berets are designated to Sanitätspersonal (Medical Personnel). This example is missing the beret insignia of the Sanitätspersonal.

Other types of berets worn by the Army include black berets which are worn by armored forces particularly Panzertruppen (Armored Troops) and Panzeraufklärungstruppen /Feldnachrichtentruppen (Armored Reconnaissance Troops).

Green berets are worn by Infanterietruppen (Infantry Troops) which include the Jägertruppen (Light Infantry) and Panzergrenadiertruppen (Mechanized Infantry) as well as Army units assigned to the Wachbataillon and Panzerjägertruppen (Anti-Tank Troops).

Light Blue berets are worn by troops assigned to United Nations missions.

This is an example of a visor cap worn by the Technischentruppen (Technical Troops) complete with blue waffenfarbe  piping.

An example of a visor cap worn by the Pioneretruppen (Engineers) complete with black waffenfarbe piping.

Here is an example of a visor cap worn by the Militärmusiktruppen (Military Band Troops).

A Bergmütze, a specialized cap worn by the Gebirgsjäger, the Mountain Infantry Troops of the German Army. These troops wear specialized uniforms also to differentiate them from all other soldiers in the Army. They also wear the ceremonial edelweiß insignia. A long standing tradition for German mountain warfare soldiers. 

 A soldier is allowed to wear the edelweiß on the forage cap after he has completed the "Edelweißmarsch". This honor is only allowed for the mountain infantry. German Gebirgsjäger traditionally share a very close comradeship and distinct esprit de corps.

A moleskin olive drab green enlisted man's overseas cap with the national roundel of West Germany sewn on the front.

Typical of Navies throughout the world here is an example of a 'Donald Duck' style cap known as a Matrosenmützen literally Sailor's Cap. This cap is worn by enlisted sailors and  it bears the tally banner of the Bundesmarine 1 Ubootgeschwader (1st Submarine Squadron). A black band with the gold lettering, the colors of the Navy embroidered upon it. Like all caps it bears the national roundel on the front. There is also a ceremonial white cover for wear during special occasions. 

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