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Bundesgrenzschutz & Landespolizei Insignia

Insignia of the Bundesgrenzschutz (Federal Border Protection) and Landespolizei (State Police) of West Germany. One of the most famous units of the Bundesgrenzschutz is GSG 9 der Bundesgrenzschutz (Special Unit 9 of the BGS) an elite counter-terrorism unit which won world attention when it freed eighty six hostages from a hijacked Lufthansa flight in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1977.

The patch of the Bundesgrenzschutz Diensthudelehawart (Service Dog Handlers) this one being worn by canine units equipped with the German Shepherd. Note the Bundesgrenzschutz crest with German federal eagle against a head of a German Shepherd against a Green background the color of police uniforms.

The patch of the Bundesgrenzschutz Diensthundeführer (Service Dog Leader) this patch was worn by canine units equipped with full sized Schnauzers.

The insignia of the Bundesgrenzschutz displaying the Bundesadler (Federal Eagle) as worn on service personnel green uniforms. This insignia was replaced in the 1970s by a black version.

This patch is of  the "BEVO" style, woven construction, with various backings.  The patch was worn on the left shoulder of the service tunics, shirts, overcoats and field jackets.  Here is a little history about "BEVO" style patches:  The term BEVO, originated in Germany during the Second World War, and designates the style of woven patches that were manufactured by the firm of Bandfabrik Ewald Vorsteher, in Wuppertal-Baren (hence the initials BEVO).  These German style patches are machine woven in very tightly, almost micro-woven strips, which are then cut into individual patches. 

From 1952 to 1976, only the eagle was worn.  From 1977 to well after the reunification of Germany into 2001, both the eagle and arched "Bundesgrenzschutz" name were worn together, with the arch over the eagle.   

Metal cap crest insignia of the Bundesgrenzschutz

Brustenhänger (Breast Hanger) badge of the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatine) administrative district of the West German state of Bavaria. The Oberpfalz district is in eastern Bavaria note it bears the Coat of Arms of the State of Bavaria underneath the district name Oberpfalz. This insignia would be worn from the pocket of the service shirt


The patch of the Landespolizei or state police which are designated by each state of West Germany. 

Patch of the Stadtpolizei Nürnberg (City Police of Nuremberg). Note the Coat of Arms of the City of Nuremberg in the Center.

Flight wings insignia worn by Police Aviation units of the Bundesgrenzschutz. 

Bundesgrenzschutz personnel patrol the Inner German Border Zone with East Germany. Note the camouflage field uniforms. BGS personnel although federal police forces were organized, armed and equipped along the lines of a military unit.

Another picture of Bundesgrenzschutz personnel patrolling the Inner German Border zone

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