Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Cold War Room: 18 November 2012

Consider this as an interim post before I jump back into the detailed posts for uniforms and various other artifacts. The previous several months has seen a number of acquisitions arrive from Europe ranging from British military items to represent the British Forces in Germany (both BAOR and RAFG) as well as Soviet military items and other pieces of interest. I will also be including areas of interests as I've been contacted and been lucky enough to meet other collectors as well as veterans of the Cold War and those interested in preserving this period in world history. I'm particularly excited about a new museum in the works in Schwäbisch Gmünd former home to the U.S. Army's Pershing missile units in West Germany. A significant deterrence to Soviet SS-12 missiles positioned to strike targets in western Europe.

As displayed in the pictures below you will see the current state of the 'War Room' as I call it which currently houses my collection of Cold War memorabilia and artifacts. As you will see I have a lot of catching up to do and updates will follow soon as well as several other areas of interest that I have been researching as of late such as Warsaw Pact battle tactics, possible scenarios in which the Cold War would have gone 'hot' as well as other areas of interest. Again thanks to all for showing interest in this area of world history, for visiting my blog and supporting the efforts to preserve our history.

The collection is continually growing and new pieces will arrive regularly and the room as you see it now will evolve and change to meet the growing number of acquisitions, displays and references as they arrive from around the world. Again, my thanks can not be expressed enough.


British Forces in Germany display in the works
Military Aviation display including a U.S. Army helicopter pilots helmet and a Soviet MiG pilots helmet with a picture of a U.S. Air Force F-15 intercepting a Soviet Tupelov Tu-95 Bear bomber 

East German and Soviet military books and reference manuals
The main display of U.S. Army, West German Bundeswehr, East German NVA and Soviet Armed Forces artifacts
A wall map courtesy of National Geographic displaying the divided Germany as well as an assortment of NVA parade wimpels and service caps
My display case showing a number of West & East German military items, several commemorative plates, models, badges and medals
Some Berlin Wall and Inner German Border Zone items, pieces of the wall, barbed wire clippings, Communist commemorative plates 
A British Union Jack flag and several West & East German as well as Soviet military displays
A display of East German & Soviet items including a Stasi flag, East German award documents and Soviet military medals
Entering the vault: An assortment of West German, American and British military headgear and field equipment
West German, British & American military uniforms
East German & Soviet military headgear 
East German & Soviet military uniforms
Various East German medals and award as well as other documents

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