Monday, July 30, 2012

Update 30 July 2012

First of all I'd like to apologize to every for the lack of updates here recently that will be changing very soon. Secondly I'd like to thank and acknowledge all the readers and history enthusiasts who have supported me over the past two months of operation of my blog and helped me to reach over 1,000 views with no major publicity or outlet promotion. 

Please continue to support me and stay tuned because there's a lot more to come I've received several packages containing new artifacts and uniforms that will captivate and blow you away. Some really rare and unique additions. Many thanks to my connections in Europe particularly Germany and the United Kingdom for helping to acquire many new pieces ranging from West Germany, East Germany, the United Kingdom's BAOR detachment in West Germany, the Soviet Union and her Warsaw Pact allies. There will be many new articles, and much information coming soon. 

Again many many thanks go out to everyone who views my page regularly and checks in for the updates. I will not keep you waiting much longer but please bear with me. I'm as excited to share this with you as many of you are to see the detailed entries yourself. 

The main thing right now is just awaiting the arrival of new articles to complete displays as they are currently in transit across the Atlantic as of this posting. 


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